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Randy and Diana Smyth


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We are Randy & Diana Smyth. Diana is Nancy Lehman’s sister. Diana was very much a part of The Barn before joining Cru in 1986 as a missionary supported by The Barn. Randy caught the Biblical vision as a child as his whole family moved to Borneo. Beginning in 1981, he pursued training to assist the missionary teams. He has been working as a missionary since 1992 and served as a bush pilot in the jungles of Papua New Guinea. We were married at The Barn in 2002. In 2003 we went to Papua New Guinea together to fly church-planting missionaries, essential supplies, and assist with medical emergency evacuations.

Our mission organization is Ethnos360. (Founded in 1942 as New Tribes Mission.) (Ethnos is the Greek word translated “nations” in English Bibles and means ethnic groups.)

People in thousands of language groups have no access to the Gospel. No Christians. No Bibles. They have unwritten languages, mysterious cultures and isolating circumstances. Nobody who knows the Good News speaks their language. These are the people we seek to reach.

Since 2012, we have been sent to “go get help!” We speak at events, churches, universities, small groups, schools and youth gatherings.  We seek partnerships toward prayer, personnel, logistics and funding to expand our reach both at home and abroad. We seek candidates to be trained as career missionaries at Ethnos360’s missionary training school, students for the Ethnos360 Bible Institutes, as well as volunteers and associate missionaries to serve as teachers and skilled workers to assist missionary teams.
We hope to establish networks of people who are partnering with us and multiplying our efforts to engage people among the unreached language groups.


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Randy & Diana Smyth
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Prayer Concerns:  

  • Pray for wisdom to lovingly communicate with the people whom God is raising up to join us in establishing thriving churches.
  • Pray for provision that we might access more of the opportunities to involve people in the Great Commission. (Replacement car, replacement office equipment, provision for travel, fees for booth displays, provision for hospitality in our home. Wisdom in engaging more prayer and financial partners to expand our reach.) 
  • Pray that God would send laborers to share the Good News with the language groups of people who have been asking for a missionary. 

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