Barn Around the World - Betty Means

This month you get to learn about another missionary who came out of the Barn and that we support. Her name is Betty Means. Betty joined the Barn community in 1994 upon moving to Connecticut, and served in a variety of ways including a major role in Day Camp, as director of Children's Ministry, and as an elder. 

As an empty nester, in 2011, she responded to the restlessness the Lord was stirring in her and moved to Georgia to work with Adventures in Missions. Adventures in Missions mobilizes approximately 3,000 people per year for the domestic and international mission field.  They run trips for youth, college aged people and adults. They will customize a trip for you if you'd like!! Their biggest programs are The World Race (an 11 month journey to 11 countries for 21-25 year olds) and The World Race Gap Year (a 9 month journey to 5 countries for 18-22 year olds). 

Betty's primary role at Adventures has been to create, build and grow a ministry to the parents of World Racers and Gap Year Racers. For many parents, sending their sons and daughters off for 9 or 11 months, to remote third world areas, is hard and permeated by fear. Through her role as a liaison and using Facebook groups, Parent Launches and Parent Vision Trips to the field, Betty provides "survival" resources, but also works to encourage them to embrace their own journey. 

Through this ministry, many parents are discovering, or rediscovering a life-giving relationship with Jesus. They are allowing the Lord to take them deeper in their faith as they release their "adult children" to Him in new ways and as their eyes may be opened to some of the needs around the world. Some volunteer to serve future World Race parents and others are rethinking retirement and empty nest plans as the Lord begins to create a new restlessness in them. 

Betty has a daughter, a son and a daughter-in-law - all of whom grew up at the Barn.

For more information about Adventures in Missions -

Betty blogs on occasion. You can find her thoughts on parenting, missions and miscellaneous topics at

Prayer Points:

  • For an increase to financial support
  • For the parents of World Racers to embrace their own journey and press into Jesus
  • For new discipleship opportunities with parents