Two Services

In Person

9:00am Friends: If you plan to attend our 9:00, outside, in person service then we need you to register. And bring a mask. You will not need to wear it the whole service. And enjoy worshiping God outside! The service will be less than an hour, and will comply with all of the local health recommendations for safety.  

If it is raining Sunday morning, we will still hold the 9am service. We will do drive-in style church. Park your cars as usual every other space but you will want to position so you can see the tent. Bring your masks just in case you want to get out of the vehicle at any point and will be within 6ft of others. Feel free to bring your lawn chairs just in case it stops raining if you want to sit in front of your vehicle. You will tune your car radio to the appropriate FM channel for sound.  

Not registered yet?

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and Online

10:30am Friends: It's important that you live stream as big and as loud as you can; this reminds us of the truth - that corporate worship is an essential part of the with-God life! Need help seeing the service on your TV? Here is a short video or email me and we will set up a phone call about your specific TV. Each Sunday, we are live streaming our Sunday church service. 

You can also watch on our Facebook page.  

We would appreciate your feedback. See you soon!

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ADDING 9AM Service

Because we want to love our neighbors well and continue to see the infection rate trend down, we are being extremely careful about how we approach adding an additional service: Outdoors in the Outdoor Worship Area on Sundays at 9:00am. REGISTRATION will be required.

By attending, please adhere to practice of the items in the attached document.  We will be evaluating this in-person service week by week.  It may be cancelled at any time for reasons related to the novel coronavirus.  Your registration email will be sent notification in such a case. 

There will be lawn and pew seating available but we will be asking you to let the usher direct you to a spot that will be physically distant.  

August 9am Worship Guide