Covenant Day Camp

August 3-7, 2020

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Covenant Day Camp, a week long experience for children entering grades K-6, with opportunities for students entering grades 7-12 to serve, August 3-7 from 9am to noon. There will be singing, games, crafts in our Marketplace, snacks, and dramas.  

Children have the opportunity to discover that the Christian faith is a living relationship with a loving God.  Children will travel in small groups (known as Tribes) to Artisan markets in the Marketplace where they will enjoy hands-on craft activities.  Street theater dramas will bring to life the Good News of God's greatest gift in the person of Jesus Christ.   Each day ends with original games and large group singing.  

Kids love Covenant Day Camp. But what's become quite clear, is they don't want to outgrow it. So, although Day Camp was originally designed for K-6, there is now a Jr. High or High School student for every 2 K-6 camper enrolled. These older students come for the spiritual nourishment, the opportunity to serve, and for the outright fun. 

The two goals for these young adults fall within the original mission statement of Covenant Day Camp:

  • To draw closer to the person of Jesus Christ and deepen the knowledge of Him in their life
  • To increase in their understanding and practice of incarnation ministry

The Logistics

Safety considerations include detailed registration information (including health conditions, allergies, and dietary restrictions), standardized check-in and check-out procedures, medical staff person on-site, and background checks for all adult staff.

The Youngest Campers

Kindergarteners and youngest 1st grade children have a special camp format designed for their developmental level.

Children who Need Special Helps

Children with disabilities are welcome to attend, and accommodations are made as necessary. Adult or High School partners are provided for those campers who would benefit from having one. However, arrangements for Ability Partners (our one-to-one helpers) must be made in advance (Please register by July 10). Please make note of it on your Registration form.

7th to 12th Graders

Youth entering 7th-12th grade assist and lead in a wide variety of areas including tribes, artisans, technology, worship band, singing, photography, and nursery/childcare. These students are encouraged as they take on increased leadership responsibilities in contributing to the camp experience.

Youth Trip permission

Adult Volunteers

Adults of all ages, including college students, assist in all aspects of camp: before, during, and after the actual week. Using a team approach, volunteers find opportunities to develop and use gifts and skills in both visible, up-front ways and the multitude of background tasks that make camp happen. Opportunities include but are not limited to artisans (crafts), tribe leaders, games direction, direct publicity, outreach, prayer, Thursday night extravaganza, youth, snacks, technology, staff care, accounts, registration, and setup/takedown.

For information about Day Camp contact the church office or

Day Camp Training

"There was a technical glitch in the recording and we do not have audio from the first 45 minutes of the main training session. This video is the last 15 minutes of the training session. This part was only for youth volunteers. It includes information about the youth trip and our conduct expectations. I also read off the names of every youth volunteer to inform them of what team they are on this year. If you have questions about the flow of camp, medical concerns, or safety concerns (content covered in the first 45 minutes) please contact Will Downie--Day Camp Co-Director--at"