Covenant Day Camp

August 3-7, 2020

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Covenant Day Camp is a week-long experience for children entering grades K-6. Covenant Day Camp is an environment in which children have the opportunity to discover that the Christian Faith is a living relationship with a loving God.

Because of the ongoing epidemic, we are doing Day Camp online this year. However all the usual fare will still be there. Children will still participate in small groups (known as Tribes). Campers will still enjoy hands-on craft activities in the Artisan markets. Street theater dramas will still bring to life the Good News of God's great gift in the person of Jesus Christ. And each day will still end with games and group worship.

This year's theme is The Great Adventure and will follow the story of Paul's Shipwreck from Acts 27-28. We will be focusing on the adventure of following Jesus each day, even during a quarantine.

Junior High and High School Students

Junior High Students (going into grades 7-8) and High School Students (going into grades 9-12 and 2020 graduates) can participate on a Ministry Team that serves the younger campers. However due to the modified format there will be less opportunities to serve than usual. This year Junior and High Schoolers can serve as Tribe Assistants, Drama Performers, and Worship Leaders.

Adult Staff

To make day camp work well, we need adult helpers in many roles both before and during camp.

Materials Fee

Normally we charge a material fee, however for online Day Camp there will not be a fee. We will be offering pre-packaged boxes of art and game supplies that will be used throughout the week as an elective purchase. When you register you will have the option to add on one of these boxes. The items offered in these supply boxes will be common household items. As soon as the supply list is ready we will make it available for you to see.

For information about Day Camp contact Will Downie or Shayla Durbois.

Day Camp Training

"There was a technical glitch in the recording and we do not have audio from the first 45 minutes of the main training session. This video is the last 15 minutes of the training session. This part was only for youth volunteers. It includes information about the youth trip and our conduct expectations. I also read off the names of every youth volunteer to inform them of what team they are on this year. If you have questions about the flow of camp, medical concerns, or safety concerns (content covered in the first 45 minutes) please contact Will Downie--Day Camp Co-Director--at"