Women's Ministry

Each fall and spring, the women's ministry facilitates small group bible study using either a book or video study series. On Monday nights you can expect some time to gather and swap the stories of your week, spend some time reading the bible, asking questions and praying together. If you want to be alerted to new studies, sign up for the women's email list here. If you would like more information about Women’s Ministry please contact us at womensministry@cpcbarn.org.  

Keep scrolling to see the studies beginning in March 2018.

Parables of Jesus

I will open my mouth in parables;

I will declare things kept secret

from the foundation of the world.

—Matthew 13:35

The Prodigal Son. The Good Samaritan. The Pearl of Great Price. You’ve heard the stories, but do you know them in their original context? In this 9-week study of the Parables of Jesus, we will read through many of the well-known—and not so well-known—stories Jesus used to teach hearers, both then and now, about how to live as His followers.

No Other Gods

Starting March 26th, women's ministry will be hosting a bible study by Kelly Minter, No Other Gods.

  An 8-Session Study From Kelly Minter

Often, idols are obvious—money, power, fame. But subtler idols can sometimes take the form of loved ones, Instagrammable interiors, and busy seasons of work, motherhood, or ministry. But if your heart is prioritizing any of those pursuits before God, you’re missing the unrivaled joy and adventure of Jesus being your heart’s ultimate treasure.

In this 8-session, revised and expanded study, learn to identify the functional gods you may be unknowingly serving and the lies they tell. As you dethrone your modern-day idols, you’ll be set free for the deeper, more abundant life Jesus came to give you—discovering that Jesus can do what no other god can.

This study’s new content reflects how God has continued to grow, teach, and encourage Kelly Minter in her unrivaled pursuit of Him.

$20 per person includes book

Scholarships available.