Sunday School is Still Happening!!!

Sunday School is still happening on Zoom! Our teachers would love to do Sunday School with your kiddo this Sunday at 9:00AM.


I am thrilled to announce the reopening of our in-person Sunday School option! With such encouraging data coming from various studies and area examples, I am confident that we can bring our kids back together in a way that will be safe for them and safe for our congregation. Here's what you need to know:

Every Sunday we will continue to offer online Sunday school at 9:00.

Starting this Sunday 10/18, we will offer in-person Sunday school for the entire service at 11:00. You will need to sign your kids up online ahead of time; you may do that at the same time as you sign up yourself. We can offer nursery care (- please sign up with the rest of the family) hopefully we will in the near future. The small nursery is available as a cry room, nursing station or changing room; the service will be shown on the TV there, if you'd like to follow along.

When you sign up, you should also print a Covid questionnaire (1 per family). Please fill it out Sunday morning and bring it with you to church; it affirms that no member of your family has Covid symptoms, or has traveled to restricted areas in the previous 14 days.

At church on Sunday morning, please go to the main entrance as usual. Masks are required inside the building at all times. After getting your temperature taken and hands cleaned, you'll proceed to the Barn Kids check-in point to sign your child in. Parents of preschoolers should take their children down the hallway to their class; older children may walk down the hallway on their own to meet their class in the Well. Children will go straight to Sunday school at the beginning of service, instead of half-way through; you will pick them up at the end of service.

If you have older children (6th grade or over) who would like to help with the younger ones in Sunday School, please let me know!

Mrs. Joneen Monitto will teach the PreK Sprouts class in their classroom, Room 2; I will teach the K-5th graders together in the Well. If it's not raining, we will spend at least some portion of the session in the open air. Please dress your child for playing outside, rather than for sitting in church! We will allow children who wish to take their masks off outside, as long as they are socially distanced.

The children will be in the Well waiting for you at the end of the service. Please line up along the hallway in socially distanced family groups to pick up your child/ren. We will have hand sanitizer stations available on the way out, as well.

Our high contact areas will be sanitized before and after each class. The children will be kept distanced or in family groups to the extent possible. Any snacks given will be individually packaged. Any child exhibiting signs of Covid will be supervised in a separate room while parents are contacted.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I am so excited to be with your kids again! We may need to work out a few kinks, but I'm confident that with care and patience we can create a safe, healthy environment for our children to continue to grow in Christ and in community with each other.

See you Sunday!

Hannah :)

Please email Hannah Lawton, Children's Ministry Director, for more information.