Build and Repair Network

Men’s Ministry’s Build And Repair Network (B.A.R.N.) serves widows, senior and single moms within our congregation and, at times, in the Simsbury community as well. The B.A.R.N. teams meet on the second Saturday of each month to share coffee, fellowship, and a devotion before heading off in teams to those we are assigned to help. If you are interested in serving or know of someone in need of help with repairs, yard work, cleaning or any home projects, please contact

Enjoying the Father Heart of God

First Wednesday of each month, we join a zoom call together and you're invited!

Enjoying the Father Heart of God is for all of the men at the church. We utilize a conversation partner each year, in this case John Eldredge's book about the personality of Jesus, to help us tell our own stories in light of the Gospel of God. It is an engaging and enjoyable atmosphere where we sing hymns, tell stories, and look at the stories of Jesus together. There are pauses, when we realize how the Gospel has pursued us and is pursuing us... and then someone tells a story about their realization of that. In this way we come alive to both the Gospel and the importance of friendship.

Online Men's Bible Studies

We have Men's Bible Studies, all of which are open to new attenders. Wednesdays at 7:00pm, and Saturday mornings at 8am. For more details about joining one of these please click on the links, for more info on the overall Men's Ministry please contact

Men's studies all begin again in September.