Backpack packing Project

with the Underground

Backpack Packing Project

We are packing 50 backpacks for Junior/High School backpacks in conjunction with The Underground.

3 Ways to Participate

1) Come pack backpacks on Tuesday, August 17 at 7pm in the Welcome Room. Sign up here

2) Write a note of encouragement. Sign up here

3) Donate to Faithful Presence and add note for Underground Backpacks. Or make checks payable to Covenant Presbyterian Church and note Underground Backpacks. (Supplies for each backpack will cost $20 and we plan to build 50 backpacks.)

Why We Build Backpacks:

Your Church is building backpacks because the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) has identified minors in your area, who were either survivors of sex trafficking or at high risk of being trafficked.  DCF Case Workers will distribute each backpack to a child or youth and good conversations can develop, building trust and relationships.

The backpacks are filled with essential school supplies, such as notebooks, pens, pencils, etc. They are also equipped with bracelets with the National Human Trafficking Hotline number, as well as, info cards telling youth where they can get help. DCF uses the backpacks to teach minors about trafficking and how to stay safe. We also bless each child with a note of encouragement in the backpack.

You may be wondering why we do this - it’s because we want vulnerable children and youth to feel cared for, to have what they need to experience a successful school year, and to help them know there is assistance if they need it.

Encouragement Card Instructions:

Thanks for your church’s help with the encouragement cards. Here’s why these notes are important – each year vulnerable children and youth receive a backpack filled with high quality school supplies and a few personal items to start the school year off. We have heard over and again that the youth are amazed to receive a wonderful backpack and even more - that someone who they don’t know would care for them in this way. God always uses the notes in ways we don’t expect! The backpacks are used as a tool by DCF workers to provide a brief opportunity to discuss the dangers of trafficking in CT, to help prevent this from happening to youth, and to give information to youth if they need help.

Below are guidelines that we use when we ask for note cards, would you please follow these recommendations:  

  • Write notes of encouragement: Be positive, don’t reference “past mistakes” or “difficult times”, etc
  • Use gender neutral language – backpacks go to both girls and boys, we are not gender specific when distributing
  • Don’t include personal information. If you want to sign the card, use something like “Your friends from The Underground”, or “Your friends from Covenant Presbyterian Church”
  • Bible verses are okay to use, please make sure they are encouraging and respectful of youth who may have different beliefs
  • Finally, we read all cards before putting in backpacks – the envelopes are with The Underground and we’ll put them together once notes are reviewed.