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Corey and Katie Garrett

Do you know the Garretts? Katie (née Tindall) is a graduate of The Master's School and grew up going to the Barn. Katie and Corey both felt called to cross-cultural missions as teens, so when they met (and liked each other!) at Wheaton College, they knew God was confirming this call on their lives. They lived in Connecticut and volunteered with the youth group at The Barn for a couple of years after college until we sent them to Senegal in 2000 through SIM, an international, interdenominational organization that is working around the world to share Christ with those who are living and dying without having heard about Jesus. Senegal is the western-most country in Africa, located just below the Sahara desert; the population is 94% Muslim. The Garretts' three daughters -- Emma, Molly, and Wheaton -- have all grown up in Senegal and speak Wolof and French as well as English. In April 2018, the Lord answered many years of prayer (and 4+ years of paperwork!) and added two boys to their family: Jake and Will. The boys had been living at an orphanage in Guinea (just south of Senegal) since the time of the big Ebola outbreak there in 2014. Jake is 5 months older than Will, but they have been together since they were babies and now they are officially brothers! The boys came to the Garrett family speaking only French, but they are starting to learn English so hopefully by the time they get to come to the Barn, you will be able to talk with them! The Garretts work with Wolof people, a people group of almost 5 million people but which has fewer than 200 Christ-followers scattered around the country.  Corey is now the team leader for the three SIM couples who live in Kaffrine, a rural area where the majority of the population of half a million people are subsistence farmers and where most people have never read any of the Bible. The team is just beginning work in two villages which are 100% Muslim but where the people have welcomed them warmly. They are doing community health work, praying for people in Jesus' name, and looking to start agricultural work as well as Bible reading groups. When the Garretts are in the States, they live in the Farmington Valley area and get involved as much as they can here at the Barn. We are their home church and their sending church. We support them financially and prayerfully through the Missions Committee. 

Prayer Points: 

  • Praise the Lord for open doors and good relationships in the two villages where the Garretts and their team are working. Pray for the community health and agricultural work to yield long-term practical benefits and for many people to be interested in reading the Bible for the first time.
  • Praise God for the two brothers who were baptized a year ago and who kept their faith through the initial time of intense family pressure, and who are now sharing boldly with their peers.
  • Pray for God to bless the SIM Kaffrine team with love, wisdom, unity, and fruitfulness.
  • Pray that many Wolof people will come to know Jesus.
  • Praise God for making Will and Jake part of the Garrett family! Pray that the US Embassy will issue the boys' visas so they can travel to the US and become US citizens.

If you want to learn more about the Garretts go to their website at:


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