Church Work Day -  May 5

Looking for a way to meet other people who attend the Barn? Wanting to make a difference in some key areas that need maintenance and improvement? Just want a reason to hang out and have lunch at the church? 

Come for Church Work Day, May 5th.  Work Day starts at 8am.  Lunch is provided. Rain date will be the 12th. There will be childcare available.  

We are also asking people to come even if they can only stay for an hour or two. Also, you don't have to work all day or even most of the day to lunch with us. We like the fellowship of the lunch time so all are welcome, though we would like to get an idea of how many to prepare for.

The trustees created a project list of some key areas that need work - skilled and unskilled tasks are a part of many projects - cleaning, painting, weeding, planting, and more. You will be able to choose the project that fits your skills best. Can't decide... there is an option for that. 

Have special ninja skills we might not know about - please share in the comments line of the sign up form.